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puppy1.pngAre We The Right Veterinarian For You and Your Pet?

In your search for lifelong health care for your beloved pet, we believe you should expect high quality care as well as great service. Our goal has been to assemble a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care. Our commitment to you is to continue to offer the warmth of a small practice, with the fantastic care and knowledge that you've come to expect.

The most important part of your pet's health care is the physical examination. Even the most attentive, loving pet owner probably does not have the objectively, and instrumentation, to perform a complete exam. From palpating the lymph nodes, to examining the optic nerve of the eye, looking into the ear canals, listening to the heart, and really looking at the teeth, we are able to get a comprehensive snapshot of your pet's health status, with treats and smiles all along.

Did you see the part about "really looking at the teeth"? Because even the most cooperative pet may not readily go along with daily tooth and gum brushing, an annual cleaning by your veterinarian maybe in order. Like you, your pet can lose his teeth due to decay and neglect.

Do you really need to keep a medical diary of your pet's medical history, procedures and vaccinations? In this digital age, the answer is "not really". We will provide you with a detailed invoice at the end of every appointment. Just slip that into your pet's file at home, and you'll have the information at your fingertips. Need more information? Simply call us! It's all right there, a few keyboard clicks away. Ah, the beauty of Electronic Medical Records!

But there is a kind of journal that can be especially useful, if you start to notice changes in your pet. If you think something is changing, start keeping track of things like your pet's elimination habits (how frequent, how much is produced -- a tinkle versus a strong flow, a nugget versus a normal b.m.), water intake (in cups per day), food intake and interest, and any physical changes or unusual occurrences. Keep track of small shifts in your pet's behavior, including how much he or she sleeps, general enthusiasm for life (i.e., activity). Take this notebook with you when you visit the vet. These seemingly unrelated occurrences may help explain results of your pet's medical tests.

Wherever you and your pet end up, you should try to choose a veterinarian who is calm, compassionate, and willing to explain things in a way that you understand. Find a veterinarian with whom both you and your pet feel comfortable. Ideally, it should be convenient to your home. Choose a clinic with qualified staff and facilities to undertake surgery, do in-house bloodwork and x-rays, and perform procedures requiring anesthesia, such as teeth cleaning. We hope River Road Veterinary Hospital will be the right choice for you!

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