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Puppy & Kitten Care

The professionals at River Road Veterinary Hospital can help you start your new puppy or kitten off on the right paw! Congratulations on your family’s newest member!

Puppy & Kitten Care

One of the most exciting parts of bringing a new puppy or kitten into the family is the fact that they are just getting started on that journey. Everything is new to them and, as their human companion, you get to reveal the wonder and joy with which they approach their world.

Because of their very newness, puppies and kittens require special attention and care to ensure that they develop into healthy, vigorous adults. Your first visits with your River Road veterinarian are perhaps the most important. Not only do these visits give you a much clearer picture of your pet’s bill of health, but they’re also where you, one of our veterinarians, and your pet begin to form a crucial relationship that will last for many years to come.

You should schedule your puppy or kitten to see the veterinarian as soon as possible after you adopt for the following services:

  • Comprehensive Physical Exams – monitoring your new pet’s growth, looking for signs of any future health issues
  • Vaccinations – Young animals are not fully immune from many life-threatening diseases, so vaccinations are vital, and rabies is required by law for most pets.
  • Intestinal Parasite/Disease Screenings – It’s widespread for puppies and kittens to have worms, and they can make your new friend very sick and weak. Fecal testing for intestinal parasites is necessary for puppies, and FIV/FeLV testing is advised for kittens.
  • Spay/Neuter – Our veterinarian will discuss the benefits of altering your pet and, if you opt for this procedure, when it should be done.
  • Microchip – One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to make sure they are micro chipped. Unlike collars, microchips stay with your pet for life, making it much more likely your dog or cat will be returned to you if lost.
  • Heartworm, Flea, & Tick Preventative – Fleas and ticks are not only unpleasant—they also carry disease and can be very detrimental to a juvenile animal’s health. Heartworm is potentially deadly for canines, and treatment is expensive and difficult for most dogs.
  • Behavior & Nutrition Counseling – While it may be true that puppies and kittens don’t come with instructions, counseling with our veterinarians about feeding, housebreaking/litterbox training, and socialization will set your pet up for success as a family member.
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