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River Road Veterinary Hospital has Electronic Medical Records, and we are committed to reducing unnecessary paper use in our veterinary practice. So, don’t fill out any forms. Just give us a call and spend a few minutes on the phone with our staff. They will get the essentials down; then, when you arrive for your appointment, they will fill in any blanks. Or you can e-mail us; that’s cool, too. Phone: (207) 825-2105. email: [email protected].

We’d really appreciate having your e-mail address. We do the bulk of our reminder services through e-mail. Also, the doctors like to use e-mail to send your pet’s lab reports and follow-up on cases.

Also, we can send you text messages right from our practice software! We send quick notes by text for things like appointment reminders, negative fecal parasite exam results, and follow-ups to routine exams. It works great for us. But you can always opt-out of text messages if that’s not how you like to get your information.

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