Anesthesia and Surgery

At River Road Veterinary Hospital, we are experienced and equipped for many different elective and non-elective procedures.

"Elective" means a non-emergency surgery that can be scheduled, such as a spay or neuter, the removal of a skin lump, or a routine professional dental cleaning. "Non-elective" means a life-or-death type of surgery, where you don't have the luxury of time to schedule it out weeks in advance. Non-elective procedures sometimes have to 'bump' elective procedures. We always appreciate how understanding our clients are in these rare circumstances!

Regardless of whether a surgery is "elective" or "non-elective", the number one concern that most pet owners have is anesthesia. We get it; we (our doctors and staff) feel the same anxiety when our own pets are going to be anesthetized. We are able to put our anxiety in its place through our knowledge that we practice the highest safety measures, we consider each case on its own (there is no such thing as routine anesthesia), and above all, we make anesthesia as safe as possible. Individual patient anesthesia and emergency plans, dedicated anesthesia monitoring by a trained Licensed Veterinary Technician, are the AAHA Standard, and we follow this standard closely.

Some of the procedures our doctors perform on dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, and other exotic pets include:

  • Ovariohysterectomy (spay)
  • Ovariectomy (ovary removal)
  • Orchidectomy (castration or neuter)
  • Prophylactic Gastropexy (stomach tacking, to reduce the incidence of bloat)
  • Cystotomy (urinary bladder surgery to remove bladder stones)
  • Skin tumor removal
  • Enterotomy (intestinal surgery, often to remove foreign objects)
  • Splenectomy (spleen removal)
  • Entropion and ectropion repair (repair of eyelids that roll in or out)
  • Nictitans gland replacement ("cherry eye" repair)
  • Wound treatment and laceration repair
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